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Ben Kew, «To win, the right must learn to innovate»

In this interview we will analyze with the journalist expert in national security Ben Kew the political and communication strategies of the US Republican Party. We will review current international politics and develop the keys to understanding which are the social and political movements that will be protagonists in the

Jhon Yoo, «We will return to that time when political energies will be resolved again in Congress»

Professor Jhon Yoo from the University of Berkeley analyzes the campaign of both US presidential candidates, Trump and Biden, the changes in the Supreme Court, relations with China and the coronavirus pandemic. According to Professor Yoo, “The supreme court is one of the keys to political campaigns today, Americans know

Mayor Manny Santos, «The US Constitution is incompatible with socialism»

We interviewed Congressman Manny Santos to find out his point of view on the changes that his country is undergoing, “In 2019 the largest economic recovery in modern history took place, work has reached its lowest unemployment levels in all areas of each demographic group and not only did they

Matt Pinksner, «99% of all people who enter the US illegally are being trafficked by the cartels»

Matt explains that "The real story of immigration in the US is the role of the cartels because 99% of all people who enter the country illegally are so being trafficked by the cartels, and on average, they are paying the cartel $ 60,000. This immigration is really a business

Karma Feinstein-Cohen, «The Jewish people have a culture of apology that they shouldn’t have».

Karma Feinstein-Cohen, the Executive Director of World Magshimey-Herut and World Herut which she founded in 1999, In this interview she reveals his objectives: “We do not want to become a political party, we want WORLD HERUT to be an ideological movement that grows slowly in society. We want a world


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